Case Studies

Case studies are one of the most effective forms of marketing—if not the most effective form. The reason? They tell a story to which the reader—usually a potential customer for your business—can relate. They allow customers to see themselves in the same situation as the person or business being described, saying to themselves:

  • “This story is describing my problem!”
  • “I’ve had that same problem.”
  • “That would be a great solution for our business!”

Plus, when a prospect sees that other businesses trust your company and have had success with it, then they are more likely to trust your company too.

And, of course, one of the best advantages of a well-told story is that people remember it. And that keeps your business top-of-mind when prospects are considering their options.

The Process of Creating Your Case Study

Developing your case study typically follows these steps:

  1. Determine the basic parameters. First, we’ll discuss what you want the goal of your case study to be, such as to increase leads or help close more sales.  We’ll identify who your target reader/audience will be, so we’ll know what their level of familiarity is with what you offer. The audience will also help us identify the tone or presentation of the case study. We’ll specify which of your products or services will be featured, and which of its key features should be highlighted. We’ll conclude this step by deciding what the length and format of the case study should be.
  2. Gather the details. We’ll need an understanding of your product or service, so we’ll ask you to send The Success Story Pro whatever documents, web links or marketing materials you have that allow the greatest depth of understanding of your benefits and features. If necessary, you may need to provide contacts within your company who can answer questions. We’ll ask how for details on key value propositions that the customer has likely achieved and what type of ROI is possible for his investment in your product or service.
  3. Identify the customer. You’ll probably already have a customer or two in mind when you contact The Success Story Pro to discuss developing a case study. We’ll ask you to provide us with those individuals’ names and contact details. Or we’ll help you decide on what customers might make the best story and be willing to be featured. You’ll then contact that customer and get confirmation that they agree to be interviewed and let them know a member of the Success Story Pro staff will be contacting them.
  4. Develop questions. We’ll create a list of questions for your customer to answer that will help its representative delve into the details of its success with your product or service.  We’ll send that list to the customer so the individual can review the questions before we talk on the phone.
  5. Interview the customer. We’ll set up a call with the customer’s representative to get the details outlined in the list of questions we provided prior to the call. Talking in real-time will allow The Success Story Pro to get additional details that add depth and detail to the overall story.
  6. Write and review the case study. Once we’ve developed the story, we’ll send it to you for your review and approval. At that point, we’ll make any changes or revisions to the document. We’ll then send it to the customer who was interviewed so that person, too, can approve the final version.
  7. Deliver a professionally formatted final version. The Success Story Pro will finalize the case study and format it in a professionally designed Word doc for your use. If you have a designer on staff who will create the layout for a printed doc or PDF, we can coordinate with that person in developing a final design. If you need complete turnaround of a designed piece, The Success Story Pro can handle that step and deliver a completed layout to you, as well.