Customers See Themselves in Your Stories about your customers’ successes allow readers to see themselves using your product or service.

They can imagine themselves facing similar problems or issues to the customer in the story.

And they can picture themselves making similar decisions—with similar successful outcomes— about your product or service.

The story acts as a mirror of the prospects’ situation. And that reflection allows the reader to relate to your company in a very positive and flattering way.

Being able to read flattering stories about your business is especially powerful today. That’s because the experience of strangers ranks second behind friends, families and acquaintances as people’s most-trusted sources of information. And that means prospects take the stories of your customers’ successes very seriously in weighing the value of what your business offers.

Another advantage of success stories? They allow you to go into detail about how your product or service solved the customer’s problem. Other marketing collateral might provide glimpses into the solutions your business provides. But only a case study or its cousin, the more lengthy white paper, provide a platform for prospects to get detailed explanations to which they can relate.