Industry Articles magazines and other industry-focused publications offer you prime opportunities for positive exposure for your business. Why? For several reasons:

  1. Success stories are a reader favorite. In surveys, readers regularly choose success stories as one of their favorite articles or sections to read in the trade and industry magazines to which they subscribe. Readers like to see what others in their industry are doing, how they are solving problems and what new options are available that readers might not have considered.
  2. Editorial teams are short-staffed. While magazine editors need quality content, their reduced-size staffs struggle to find the time to write it themselves with so many other editorial duties consuming their time. And these publications often don’t have the resources to pay freelancers to write these types of business profiles for them.

Both of these factors underscore the opportunities for companies that submit prewritten magazine articles that are publication-ready.

You can take advantage of the experience of The Success Story Pro to develop these types of submitted content for you. Gina Kellogg, principal and owner of The Success Story Pro, has worked as a magazine writer and an editor. She knows the types of journalist-quality editorial that industry magazines require. She spent years both assigning, writing and editing business-focused case studies. Her background makes it easy for her to identify what types of articles that industry editors need, as well as to write them to match an individual magazine’s specific style guidelines, including Associated Press (AP) style requirements. Let The Success Story Pro write these stories for you from scratch—interviewing your key staff members and customer contacts—or develop one from an existing case study you already have on hand.